Whiskey Trail Cabins

Comforts of Home in the Beautiful Canadian Rockies

           The Whiskey Trail Cabins were named after the infamous Whiskey Trails that  were used by : Prospectors, Guides and Hunters, that travelled from Laggan (Lake Louise, Alberta) to Hog Ranch (Parson, British Columbia)  Just like your host Dominique Guyot who resided in Lake Louise for many years at the Chateau Lake Louise as  Executive Chef  found his home in Parson. So the Cabins were aptly named after these Trails.                                     

There is a local legend about the Great Gold Robbery and Buried Treasure along those Trails… So come on and relax at the Whiskey Trails Cabins. We have made sure you will feel right at home in your cozy cabin in the Wilderness at the Base of Kapristo Mountain.