Learn about outdoor digital touch screen kiosk and how it works

Learn about outdoor kiosk

Learn About iQuiki Kiosk Canadian
Outdoor Digital
Touch Screen Kiosk

iQuiki Kiosk Dimensions:

Height: 1465mm
Width: 100mm

Length: 635mm
Weight: 62kg

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Learn about outdoor kiosk
High-brightness LCD screen, can be seen clearly under direct sunlight

AR/AG Explosion-Proof Glass. Effectively increase the internal light projection, making the color on the screen more vivid and bright.


Intelligent temperature control system, dual  air cooling/ heating
automatic temperature adjustment

Has the ability
to run uninterruptedly
and stably around the clock

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Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Interactive
Kiosk Pre-Order

Limited Time Offer: 20% Off for Pre-Orders for the first 500 units sold.

Includes Custom Portal Design and 3 months free monthly Maintenace Monitoring Service Plan with Analytical Usage Reports and 3rd party app integration. (Must sign up for 1 year Maintenance plan at time of purchase, additional costs depending on 3rd party apps).

Learn About Outdoor Information Kiosk Pre-Order

Outdoor Information Kiosk and Portal for Businesses
Limited Time Pre-Order Offer
$5,000 CAD
$3,999 CAD
(plus shipping & handling)
  • Includes custom Portal Design
  • Screen Saver with Your Video
  • Onscreen Keyboard
  • Camera, Microphone and Speaker set up
  • Instructions for Hardware Installation
  • Remote Software Setup
  • Setting and Installing Analytic Reporting
  • QR code and Tracking
  • Setting up 3rd Party Apps Customization
  • Include custom contact with Video, Voice, Text Chat and Email
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Learn about outdoor kiosk

Monthly Maintenace
& Managing
$99 CAD / month / kiosk

  • Based on 3rd party apps
  • Includes Remote Cloud software and upgrades
  • Analytic Reporting
  • Changes to Kiosk template Background, Links to your Website, Pictures
  • Kiosk hardware Reporting:
    • o Power Alert
    • o Anti-Theft Alert
    • o Offline Alert
    • o Battery Alert